At Canada Trade Pioneers, we know grains and pulses. Having built long-standing relationships with producers in the world's best growing regions, we package and distribute the world's finest grains and pulses within Canada and export them to our international buyers.
We understand the importance of excellent customer service, and we have proud, established, trusting, and long-term relationships with both our buyers and producers. The chickpeas, beans, peas, and lentils we purchase from farmers operating in top pulse-growing regions in Canada, the United States, Ethopia, and Australia are shipped to many countries around the globe.

CTP food is the proud member of:

The Canadian Chamber ot Commerce
Canadian Special Corps Associations

Our aim at Canada Trade Pioneer is to deliver:

With the Middle East being one of our major exporting targets, Canada Trade Pioneers is an active exporter of grains and pulses to all geographic regions. Canada Trade Pioneers is proud to deliver premium quality grains and pulses such as Lentils, Chickpeas, Desi Chickpeas, Colour Beans, Red Split and Football Lentils, including speciality crops like, Quinoa, and Canary Seed to its valued customers around the globe.

Established in 2005, Canada Trade Pioneers Inc has its headquarter in Toronto. Consisting of a number of subsidiaries specializing in diversified business areas, Canada Trade Pioneers Inc is always actively seeking new business ventures both in the region, and beyond.

As part of our vision to support our producers, customers, and stakeholders, our overall strategy at Canada Trade Pioneers Inc is to:

CTP product line continues to expand by adding numerous new items to import and distribute within Canada. Consumer loyalty increases by the first day due to the quality of products and to availability of products through a well-established international distribution network. With 5000 sqf warehouse and cold storage in heart of Toronto, CTP is importing and distributing ethnic goods since 2015 to Canada. Target customers include ethnic and mainstream grocery chain stores, restaurants and bars.

CTP is specialized in Following products:

and many more items from around the globe. Canada Trade Pioneers is a member of Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the largest and the most influential business assosiation in Canada. Canada Trade Pioneers is also a member of Canadian Special Crop Association that represents companies involved in the merchandising of Canadian pulse and special crops, including bean, chickpea, lentil, pea, canary seed, buckwheat, sunflower seed and mustard seed.

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Pulses and Special Corps

The brand is focusing on quality. CTP is marketer and exporter of all kind of pulse and special crops from Canada, USA, Argentina, Ethiopia, and Australia.

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Our full line of Quality Grocery Items for ethnic supermarkets and ethnic aisles. Our house brand provides buyers confidence and customer loyalty.

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Infused Sunflower Oil and Olive Oil

The unique oil on the market that does not have analoques and that is made with only natural ingredients.

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IQF Products and Persian Rice

Fruits and vegetables are picked from high quality raw material, its a natural process that dosen't need preservatives that makes the exotic available everyday.

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